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Weight loss strategies in the elderly: a clinical conundrum

TitleWeight loss strategies in the elderly: a clinical conundrum
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsCoker, RH, Wolfe, RR
Start Page22
Date Published01/2018
Type of ArticleReview Article

Purpose of the Review:  The age-related concomitant loss of skeletal muscle and accumulation of excess adipose tissue has been commonly referred to as sarcopenic obesity. While weight loss may help mitigate the metabolic abnormalities linked to obesity, low fitness levels and muscle atrophy complicate the effectiveness of lifestyle interventions. Due to low levels of compliance, sub-optimal economic efficiency and low functional capacity, there has been no consensus on optimal therapy. This includes the use of high protein diets that do not ensure muscle preservation during weight loss in this segment of the population. The primary objectives of this review are to discuss the relevance of sarcopenic obesity, examine the feasibility of weight loss in the elderly, and highlight new approaches to the problem.

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