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Falk Huettmann

Marie Thoms
Research Interests: 

Wildlife Ecology, Seabirds, Predictive GIS Modeling, Web-based Wildlife Databases and Metadata, Spatial Aspects of Population Viability Analysis (PVA), Future Landscape Scenarios of Wildlife Habitat, Landscape Ecology, Russian Far East, Tropical Ecology, Conservation Steady State Economy.

Falk Huettmann
Falk Huettmann
Falk Huettmann
Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology
(Research Ambassador for the German Exchange Service DAAD)
419 Irving 1
907 474 7959
Postal Address: 
Institute of Arctic BiologyPO Box 757000University of Alaska Fairbanks Fairbanks, AK 99775-7000
  • 1996-2000 Doctor of Philosophy, ACWERN (Atlantic Cooperative Wildlife Ecology Research Network), Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton NB, Canada
  • 1992-1993 Diplom-Forstwirt univ. (M.Sc. in Forest Science), University of Munich, Germany
  • 1991-1992 Diplomarbeit (Thesis), University of Freiburg, Germany
  •  2003 September Assistant Professor for Wildlife Ecology University of Alaska, Fairbanks
  • 2002-2003 Sessional Instructor, Department of Geography, University of Calgary, Canada
  • 2000-2001 Scientific Project Coordinator for NSERC-funded Marbled Murrelet Research in coastal Old-Growth forest of British Columbia, Centre for Wildlife Ecology, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby-Vancouver, Canada


Hardy, S.M. et al., 2011. Predicting the distribution and ecological niche of unexploited snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) populations in Alaskan waters: A first open-access ensemble model. American Journal of Physiology – Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology and Comparative Biology, pp.1–15.
Oehlers, S.A. et al., 2011. Sex and scale: implications for habitat selection by Alaskan moose Alces alces gigas. Wildlife Biology, 17, pp.67–84.


2010-11-22}, {, 2010. Predictive species and habitat modeling in landscape ecology: Concepts and applications A. C. Drew, Wiersma, Y. , & Huettmann, F. ,
Cushman, S.A., Huettmann, F. & 2010-03-15}, {, 2010. Spatial complexity, informatics, and wildlife conservation, Springer,Verlag.
Bluhm, B., Watts, D. & Huettmann, F., 2010. In pp. 233–244.
Cushman, S.A. & Huettmann, F., 2010. In pp. 445–450.


  •  Royal Society of British Geographers
  • International Association of Landscape Ecology (IALE)
  • The Wildlife Society (TWS; + working groups)
  • Organization of Fish and Wildlife Information Managers (OFWIM)
  • American Ornithological Union (AOU)
  • Society of Canadian Ornithologists (SCO)
  • Deutsche Ornithologen Gesellschaft (DO-G)
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Tropenforschung
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Informatik (GI; + working groups)
  • International Bear Association (IBA)
  •  BIOL493/693 ‘Wildlife Habitat and Landscape Ecology’
  • GEOG417 'Biogeography' (including WEB-CT support); spring 2003
  • GEOG535 ‘Environmental Modelling and Image Analysis’, Geography Department, University of Calgary, Canada
  • FOR4005 Teaching Assistant ‘Forest Policy’, Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, University of New Brunswick, Canada
  • BIOL3383 Teaching Assistant ‘Botany’, Biology Department, University of New Brunswick, Canada
Current Graduate Students (More info)
  • Amelia Beausoleil
  • Maile Branson
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  • Journal and Paper Reviews
    • American Journal for Primatology
    • IBIS
    • Canadian Wildlife Service Publications
    • British Columbia Ministry for Environment Land and Parks
    • Canadian Journal of Forest Research
    • Proceedings 1. International Resource Selection Functions Conference
    • Northwest Field Naturalist
    • Wilson Bulletin
  • Book Reviews
    • Landscape Ecology
    • Canadian Field-Naturalist
    • Colonial Waterbirds
    • PICOIDES (Canada)
    • BIRDING Magazine (Canada)
    • STILT (Australia)
    • Journal of Ornithology (Germany)
  • Others
    • Founder of Email listservers for Corel Draw (University of New Brunswick), and Pacific Marbled Murrelets (Simon Fraser University)
    • Departmental Student Assessments